The Evanston Community Kitchen

A food memoir about women in the kitchen and history in the making. Food = Story.

Sample Menu

Sample Weekly Menu — Evanston Community Kitchen

Can you imagine these delicious meals being delivered hot to your doorstep for just $0.85 per person on weekdays and $1.00 on Sundays? Plus the serving containers would be collected and cleaned!

 “Every night trucks filled with cheerful looking blue containers hum about town (Evanston) delivering savory hot dinners from seventy to one hundred and fifty patrons who gratefully receive ‘what the gods provide,’ and send in their checks with heart warming messages of encouragement and appreciation.”  – Mrs. Nellie Kingsley

Week Day Dinners:


Braised Tongue

Creamed Potatoes

Spinach with Egg and Lemon

Fruit Cup with Cake




Roast Pork with Apple Sauce

Parsley Potatoes

 Spanish Cream



Roast Beef

Browned or Stuffed Potatoes

Creamed Celery

Pumpkin Pie



Broiled White Fish

Mashed Potatoes

Cucumber Salad

Fig Pudding and Sauce



Creamed Oysters

Spanish Rice

Spring Salad

Peach Short cake




Panned Sweet Breads

Macaroni and Tomato

Fruit Salad Washington Pie


Sunday Dinners:

 Spring Chicken

Carameled Sweet Potatoes

Creamed Cauliflower

Gelatine Salad

Charlotte Russe


 Roast Lamb

Stuffed Potatoes

Green Peas

Cucumber and Tomato Salad

Lemon Pie


“The price of the week-day dinner is eighty-five cents per person per dinner, for regular patrons, and one dollar for “casuals.” Twenty-five cents for delivery is included in this price. Sunday dinners are one dollar and one dollar and twenty-five cents for the same two classes. Recently delivery charges have gone up to thirty-five cents per container. The patrons are asked to assume this and have done so willingly.

In addition, in these months of work, hundreds of pounds of nourishing foods like rice, spaghetti, baked meats, and macaroni have crossed the sales table, while soups, croquettes, salad, rolls, custards, puddings, muffins, ginger brad, pies, doughnuts and cakes have been insufficient to meet the demands from families, convalescent soldiers, church and college societies.

The quarters of a year ago are outgrown and the Kitchen is now installed in a home of its own with a power mixing machine, a power vegetable machine, a refrigerator, and a refrigerating showcase, besides the regular range, boiler, pastry ovens, deep sinks, heating ovens, and incinerator.  These are arranged in two kitchens, a packing room, office and salesroom, with a private office, four rooms for dormitory purposes, and a large store room.”  – Mrs. Nellie Kingsley

Source: Western Arts Association Annual Report 1920 Volume V

From speech delivered by Mrs. Nellie F. Kingsley’s  on May 5, 1920 at The Household Arts Round Table

Detroit Institute of Arts

Household Arts Round Table

Harriet M. Parkes, Chairman

Assistant Director of Manual Training and Industrial Education

Grand Rapids, Michigan

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